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Asst. Superintendent/Principal
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As the nights become cooler and the shadows become longer, we know that the start of school is right around the corner! It is exciting to think about the new school year – with new teachers, new students and exciting new programs! With the relaxing days of summer behind us and the back-to-school sales in full swing, I hope you are as eager as I am to begin another school year!

This summer, thanks to the Robinson Broadhurst Foundation, Camp H.E.R.E. celebrated its 25th anniversary, providing our students with counseling jobs, as well as safe and fun activities for the month of July! During the month of August, our CROP program was in full swing, providing peer tutor jobs and continuing activities and field trips for our students. Also, this summer, our Summer Skills Academy gave several students the chance to advance their skills and take August Regents exams.

As you know, technology is essential in many facets of life in this 21st century – and it is also an integral component in education. We are excited to announce that we will be piloting iPads in grades 3, 5, 8 and 10. We have been busy preparing for this pilot by: adding wireless access points so the network can handle the extra “traffic”; increasing our IT support so our technology needs are addressed more quickly; attending training with faculty and staff from Mooresville, NC – a national model for digital learning; and hosting professional development from Apple, in which 13 teachers participated!

New this year, our start time will be 8:03 am. The doors will open at 7:45 am. Please be sure to drop off your child/ren at 7:45 am or later (at the North end door) so they can come into the building where it is safe and warm. We continue to use the South end parking lot for faculty/staff only, for safety reasons. So please be sure to use the North end lot to drop off and pick up your child/ren.

As we look at preparing our students for college and career-readiness, we will be placing an emphasis on attendance this school year. We all know that it in order to keep a job, we must have regular attendance. Our goal is to help our students establish the routine of excellent attendance. Of course, we need the partnership of parents and families to achieve this objective. Please review our Board’s attendance policy closely, as we will be following it with fidelity. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

The high school will begin with a brief homeroom period. The purpose of this period is for students to have one teacher with whom to check-in and to have a time to hear important information albeit through announcements or class specific business (fund-raiser info, Spirit week info, etc.)

The first day of classes is Tuesday, September 6, starting at our new time: 8:03 am. The doors will open at 7:45 am.

I am looking forward to a great year! With our digital learning pilot, it is sure to be fun and exciting as we engage with technology together! Let the school year begin!

Ruth Harlem Ehrets

Assistant Supt/Principal

August 2016

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