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A Message from the Superintendent

August 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

I hope this letter finds you to be well and enjoying the remaining weeks of summer. It has been a busy summer at Stamford Central School. Ms. Ruth Ehrets, our Assistant Superintendent/Principal, after ten years of dedicated service to the district and community, has resigned to take a different position. We are deeply grateful for her service to our school and community. Dr. Patrick Sweeney, a retired superintendent with many years of experience in diverse roles in education, will be our Interim Assistant Superintendent/Principal until we hire a permanent replacement. We have also hired new faculty which we are thrilled to have join our team.

This school year we will begin the second year of a three year pilot to continue building capacity with our digital learning initiative. The goal of our digital learning initiative is to increase student agency and personalize learning, which will allow us to meet academic standards and increase 21st century skills. We were fortunate to be accepted – for a second year – to attend Mooresville Graded School District’s (MGSD) “Summer Connection”. Mooresville is nationally renowned for increasing student outcomes with the use of digital learning tools and applications. We are thrilled to have been able to bring a second cohort of faculty to “Summer Connection” this past July. Faculty who attended “Summer Connection” last year, as well as this year, are excited to use what they have learned in the classroom. As we continue to expand our pilot, faculty and students in grades 3-12 will have access to iPads and aligned apps to assist with teaching and learning.

This shift in teaching and learning has not been done alone. Our partners at ONC BOCES have assisted in providing professional development to our staff, and the South-Central Regional Information Center (Broome-Tioga BOCES) have provided seamlessly technical support. I also want to thank the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation for their continued support with this innovative initiative to meet each child’s needs. This is the second year that they have assisted in making our shared vision a reality. We are grateful for their assistance, trust, and support. Finally, I want to thank the faculty and staff for their initiative with our digital learning pilot. As a collaborative team we are headed in a great direction.

Each summer school districts around the state are required to reconcile the previous year while at the same time prepare for the coming school year. To say it is intense, is an understatement. Throughout the summer office staff work long hours to allow us to open on time and be ready to go when students and faculty return. In addition, building and grounds staff and our transportation department have also been working hard this summer to make sure the buildings sparkle and the buses are tuned for maximum safety and efficiency. I am thankful for each individual and their dedication toward their work and the community.

At the May budget vote a capital project was approved by voters to replace aging boilers. The work will begin this fall and be completed before winter begins. Voters also approved the purchase of new buses, which have been ordered. The purchase of new vehicles to replace old ones includes smaller buses for increased flexibility to reduce costs to transport students to distant special programs or to BOCES programs.

As we begin a new school year, I want to remind parents and guardians that it is critical to make sure that your son or daughter comes to school prepared to learn each day. There is a strong correlation between attendance and achievement. In addition, I know we all have the same goal of creating a safe and caring learning environment for our students. To assist in creating a safe environment, and to have the least amount of interruption during class time, I want to remind you that ALL parents and visitors are required to sign in when entering the building.

As I begin my third year as the Superintendent at Stamford Central School, I am grateful for your support and want you to know that I am proud of our school and community. We have highly dedicated faculty and staff who care deeply about your child’s well-being and their success. This is the richness of being a part of a small school community, longstanding positive relationships which assist in helping to support each child’s needs now and into the future. I look forward to seeing you out in the community and at the school events throughout the year. I hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer.

Best regards,
Dr. Glen A. Huot
Stamford Central Schoo
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