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Board Members
President- Mr. Darby Hartwell
Vice President- Mrs. Catherine Snyder
Mr. James Eklund
Mrs. Ellen Hager
Mr. Edward Stammel
District Clerk- Mrs. Maria Hitt
BOE Procedures
Welcome to the SCS Board of Education Meeting Procedures section. Here you will find an explanation on what type of business is conducted during an executive session of a board meeting. If you should have any questions, please contact the school. 

Executive Session
An executive session is a portion of the school board meeting that is not open to the public. It can occur only on a majority vote of BOE. The motion needs to specify the subject(s) to be discussed. These are the only subjects legally allowed to be discussed in executive session:

1. Any matter that may imperil the public safety if disclosed.
2. Any matter that may disclose the identify of a law enforcement agency or informer.
3. Information relating to current or future investigation or prosecution of a criminal offense that would imperil effective law enforcement if disclosed.
4. Discussions about proposed, pending, or current litigation.
5. Collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law.
6. The medical, financial, credit, or employment history of a particular person or corporation, or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation.
7. The preparation, grading, or administration of examinations.
8. Acquisition, sale, or lease of real property or the proposed acquisition of securities, or sale or exchange of securities held by such public body, but only when publicity would substantially affect the value thereof.

No official action can be taken in executive session--except when voting on charges against a tenured teacher.
BOE Meetings
Board of Education Meeting
Thu Feb 10 2022
Board of Education Meeting
Thu Mar 10 2022
Board of Education Meeting
Thu May 12 2022
Meetings are held in the cafeteria at 6:00 p.m. Please enter at the Cafeteria Entrance on the lower level of the south end of the building. Social distancing and masks required.


Our mission is to build a partnership of students,
families, staff,
and community members in order to create an educational
community dedicated to excellence.

LEARNING: All children can learn. Each student is capable of
reaching his/her full potential at his/her own individual rate.
SELF-ESTEEM: Each child's self-esteem needs to be
fostered and nurtured.

ENVIRONMENT: All children are entitled to a safe and caring
atmosphere that promotes a desire to learn, as well as a
curriculum, instructional methods and expectations that challenge
them to perform at their best.

COMMUNITY: Each child's academic and social development
is enhanced by an actively participating community. All partners are encouraged to pursue life-long learning.

ASSESSMENT: Assessment must be continual, subject to periodic review and focused on:

1. The educational process to determine its consistency with
our mission statement and beliefs.

2. Our mission statement and beliefs in light of changing
educational needs.

3. The individual participants to determine if their
educational needs are being met.


1. Each student will master the following skills:

   a) Think logically and creatively

   b) Apply reasoning to issues and problems

   c) Determine what information is needed for particular
   purposes and be able to acquire, organize, and use that
   information for those purposes.

2. Each student will learn skills and gain knowledge through the
study of English language and literature and use these in their
daily lives.

3. Each student will learn skills and gain knowledge through the
study of foreign language and culture and use these in
interdisciplinary applications.

4. Each student will learn skills and gain knowledge through the
study of mathematics and use these in their daily lives.

   a) Perform basic mathematical calculations.

   b) Understand mathematical concepts and be able to apply
   these in problem-solving.

5. Each student will learn skills and gain knowledge through study of natural science, physical science and technology and use these in interdisciplinary applications.

   a) Understand the scientific method.

6. Each student will learn skills, gain knowledge, and develop
aesthetic appreciation through the study of the fine arts and use
these in their daily lives.

   a) Develop knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

   b) Develop the ability to participate in at least one major
   art form.

   c) Develop the ability to make aesthetic judgements and
   apply them to works of art.

7. Each student will acquire knowledge about politics, the economy, history, andsocial institutions of this country and other countries.

8. Each student will respect and demonstrate basic
civic responsibilities and acquire the skills, knowledge,
and attitudes necessary to participate in democratic

   a) Understand and accept the values of justice, due process, equality, and majority rule with respect to minority rights.

   b) Apply reasoning skills and the process of democratic
   government to resolve societal problems and disputes.

   c) Respect people of a different race, sex, ability, cultural
   heritage, national origin, religion, political, economic,
and social background and their values, beliefs, and attitudes.

9. Each student will develop general career skills, attitudes,
and work habits and make a self-assessment of career prospects.
Students not directly pursuing post-secondary education will
acquire entry-level employment skills.

10. Each student will acquire the knowledge, skills and
attitudes which will assist in achieving personal balance,
responsibility and the realization of their full potential. These
include the development of:

   a) Self-esteem

   b) Self-discipline and commitment to excellence

   c) Personal integrity

   d) The ability to maintain physical health 

  e) A commitment to lifelong learning
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