Kiss a Pig for Charity Coin Drive

Student Council's Kiss a Pig for Charity Coin Drive Results

In 5th Place - Grade 10 with $13.00
In 4th Place - Grade 7 with $21.40
In 3rd Place by only $0.12 - Grade 12 with $28.20
In 2nd Place by only $0.89 - Grade 9 with $28.32
In 1st Place for the 2nd year in a row - Grade 8 (Class of 2026) with $29.21

At the beginning of the 7-12 Field Day, Mrs. Gray kissed a pig! Mrs. Gray picked March of Dimes to donate the $250.13 from the Coin Drive.

Student Council thanks everyone that contributed to the coin drive this year! They also want to thank Mr. Ogborn, Mrs. Scinta-Sass, Mr. Lococo, and Mr. Bright for volunteering to participate. Thank you to Christopher Albano (newest S.C.S. Board Member) for bringing in the pig from his farm for the Kiss a Pig for Charity Coin Drive.