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Substance Abuse and Prevention

The Guidance Abuse Prevention Tip Line allows callers to leave an anonymous voice mail message regarding substance abuse concerns related to drug activity or concerns regarding a student's use of drugs. If you have a concern about a student or a friend, and you are hesitant to tell someone, the Guidance Abuse Prevention Tip Line may be your opportunity to intervene and your opportunity to save a friend's life. Your voice mail will be directed to the appropriate school personnel in order to address the concern. Please call between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. at 652-7301 Ext. 146.
The Guidance Abuse Prevention Tip Line is not an emergency number. If you need to speak directly to a school administrator or counselor, you are encouraged to contact the Guidance Office at 652-7301 Ext. 146 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Stamford Counselor

Drug and alcohol prevention counseling services are provided by Michelle Pindar,  Stamford's Student Counselor located in the Guidance Office at the school.
Mrs. Pindar is available to provide assessments, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and making appropriate referrals to outside agencies as needed. Students who are at risk for using drugs or alcohol can be referred to Mrs. Pindar by a parent, community agency, school official or peer.

At risk behaviors may include but not limited to:

  • Behavior Problems
  • Academic Problems
  • Truancy/Attendance Issues
  • Interpersonal Problems
  • Family Problems
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Crisis Interventions
  • Alcohol and other drug use
Mrs. Pindar is available for consultation regarding any issues a student may have. All counseling services are voluntary and confidential. The counselor may be reached at 652-7301 Ext. 146 or Michelle Pindar at [email protected].


This page is designed to make students and parents aware of important safety issues regarding school and their health. There are links to driving rules and regulations, links regarding drug and alcohol information, and links to other New York State Information.
Parent/Student Information:
DARE Program NY Alert
Drug Use Warning Signs
NY Troopers
National Sex Offender Registry NY Sex Offender Registry

Drug Information:

Drug Information Cyrstal Meth
Inhalants Information Marijuana Information
Smokeless Tobacco
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