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Stamford Central School

Home Access Agreement Statement

Please read the statement and click on the appropriate link below the statement.

The Stamford Central School District agrees to provide you with electronic access to many of your child's education records. Such access will be provided using a secure internet connection. You may only access your own child's education records. By the use of your password, you agree as follows:

  • You will keep your unique password safe and secure. You will not disclose the password to any third party including college recruiters, job placement coordinators or any other person including employees of the Stamford Central School District for any purpose.

  • You will report the loss or misuse of your password to the District by e-mail or by telephone.

Your access to your child's files through the District's secure website may be curtailed or canceled at any time at the complete discretion of the District. There may be times when access to your child's education records through this secure portion of the District's website is unavailable to you due to system maintenance, system malfunction, or other causes. The District does not guarantee access to your child's records through the secure portion of its website. Access to your child's education records through the secure portion of the District's website is intended to supplement but not supplant your rights of access to your child's education records as more fully set forth in federal law and school district policy.

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Stamford MyApps Portal

Links to: 

Stamford Office 365 OneDrive

Stamford Office 365 Office Portal

Stamford Schoology

Stamford Office 365 Mail

Stamford Frontline

Sevice Now For Technical Support

All users should use the same password used to log in to computers at school.

Staff Login:
Use first initial last name@stamfordcs.org
*Example John Doe uses JDoe@stamfordcs.org

Student login:
Use firstname.(period)lastname@stamfordcs.org
*Example Sally Learner uses Sally.Learner@stamfordcs.org



Frontline link for substitutes only.